Mark Dull
Initiative Lead, Bondo School Sponsorships and Family Support

Mark and his wife Jennifer live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and first joined ICO in September 2011 before they embarked on a trip to East Africa to find an opportunity to help the less fortunate. They ended up starting several initiatives in Bondo, Kenya, where they lived for the better part of 2 years and helped the local community with a wide variety of projects, including rocket stoves, fencing and water catchment for schools, school improvements, the build of 2 homes for widows and their children, the build of a local library, and many other endeavours. This period was the genesis of the current Bondo School Sponsorships (and Family Support) Initiative, which continues to support the poor families encountered during our stay in Bondo. Mark and Jennifer feel privileged to belong to a like-minded and spirited group of fellow volunteers at ICO.


Mary Lenser Odie
Initiative Field Lead, Bondo School Sponsorships and Family Support

Mary Lenser Odie is an instructor of English and literature registered in Kenya. In 2021, she
graduated from Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University (JOOUST) in Kenya with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Special Needs. She is passionate about assisting students in excelling in English and literature as well as contributing to solutions to the social issues plaguing our society.