Nyamuhunga Village Earthquake Relief

Nyamuhunga is a village of 400 smallholder subsistence farming families. These are the families typically referred to as ‘bottom of the pyramid’, surviving on the food they produce on their smallholdings and a few dollars a day from their main cash crop which is typically coffee. There is no power, many children do not attend school, and many die of malaria due to an inability to pay for medical care.

On September 10, 2016 a large earthquake struck NW Tanzania. A survey of damage in the village of Nyamuhunga revealed that, of 400 family homes, 200 were completely destroyed, 100 were 50% destroyed and 100 had suffered 10% damage – usually with compromised structural issues. The government of Tanzania has refused to offer any assistance to these poor subsistence farmers – most of whom will be living under a tarp for the foreseeable future. ICO has partnered with local organizations to raise funds in order to help the village of Nyamuhunga rebuild what they have lost.

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