Education for All – Creating Opportunities Through Education

“Going to Nashipay everyday makes us so happy. We really like studying in English”. Students in Class 5.

For the Maasai people of Tanzania, education is not available to all. In fact, 40% of the school-age population are children who live below the Maasai poverty line (less than $2 a day) cannot afford school fees to attend school. There are also many older children and adults living below the poverty line who have never had the opportunity to go to school. ICO has the opportunity to change that with educational bursaries for the Nashipay Maasai School.
Education for All – Creating Opportunities Through Education is an initiative that will address a variety of issues related to both childhood and adult education in the Maasai community. Donors provide support to those most in need so they can attend school.
Projects will fall under the following broad themes:

  1. Instruction as prescribed and regulated by the Tanzania Ministry of Education
      • Childhood academic education; including school fees, uniforms, books, meals and other educational needs for a child to thrive at school.
      • Adult education; technology, vocational, literacy and numeracy instruction.
      • Secondary and post secondary education bursaries including school fees, uniforms, books, room and board and transportation.
  2. Materials and educational support such as purchase of books, computers, sports equipment and arts related supplies

“At Nashipay Maasai School, we teach the Tanzanian curriculum. All the students are Maa speakers so we compliment this by teaching all the classes in English. And beginning in Class 4, the children learn Kiswahili as a third language” shares Ms. Japhet, Head Mistress.

The children learn in the context of the Maasai culture and at the same time prepare for life in modern Tanzania

The top priority for the community is to provide bursaries for childhood academic education to those who would otherwise not be able to afford the school fees, uniforms and books to attend school.

Many young adults are also in need. The most vulnerable of these are young girls who have no other option but to be married off to an older man as a second, third or even fourth wife. It is important to invest in academic upgrading for these teens so they can catch up to their educated peers and attend age-appropriate classes as soon as possible. For those for whom an academic education is not practical, the teaching of basic literacy and numeracy skills prepares them and other adults in the community to have a chance to make a living in today’s Tanzania.

It costs $250 to send a child to attend school for a year (2022) – and all donations are pooled to provide the maximum benefit. The goal is to ensure inclusivity of impoverished Maasai children living within walking distance of the school.

We invite you to join us to make it possible for Maasai children and young adults to become students at Nashipay Maasai School.

Help create futures! $20 a month is all it takes!

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