Kaski Education

The District of Kaski in central Nepal covers an area of 2,017 square km with a population of approximately 500,000. Kaski, like many areas of Nepal, lacks quality education.

This Education Initiative will establish a support system for students and families that cannot meet the basic requirements of attending school, including school uniforms, pencils, paper and books. Gifted students are eligible for higher learning scholarships. All candidates are determined by recommendations from school principals and community leaders. The ICO field lead then interviews the candidates to ensure they have a high passion for learning and have demonstrated sufficient grades for success. In addition to tuition, the initiative has potential funding for room and living expenses for successful scholarship recipients in most need, including travel expenses to attend school and to return home to reconnect with family during school breaks.

The initiative could also provide funding for school necessities such as computers, tables and chairs, electricity, space rental, internet and salaries for teachers. Funding will help with existing schools that require minor repairs, including roof repairs, playground safety fencing, washroom facilities, and drinking water taps.

To read more about our Initiative Lead Brad, and our Field Leads Navin and Binod click here.

For more information contact our Initiative Lead or our Field Lead: 

Brad McLoughlin: bradmcloughlin@innovativecommunities.org 

Binod Koirala: binodkoirala@innovativecommunities.org


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