Brad McLoughlin 
Initiative Lead- Kaski Education 

Brad is from Campbell River and has been a member of ICO since 2011. He has been to 45 different countries with his first visit to Nepal being in 1997 where he quickly fell in love with the country and its people. Brad started his volunteering in Nepal in 2009 by empowering a local farmer to bring his fellow villagers together who decided improved irrigation was a priority. With this community-based approach, Women’s Health and education initiatives were launched several years later. Brad is now retired and previously worked helping the unemployed. Volunteering for Brad is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, meet likeminded people and learn different cultures.  In his spare time Brad can be found returning almost annually to Nepal, coaching youth volleyball and enjoying Vancouver Island with fellow ICO member Jennifer Wade.


Navin Adhikari
Field Lead – Kaski Education

Navin Adhikari has been a member of ICO since 2011 acting as field lead for the Irrigation Initiative. He is a social worker and farmer, has assisted with the ICO Farm Mechanization Initiative, and is a member of the Kaski Education Initiative team helping to evaluate the educational needs of the district. He lives in the village of Lahachowk with his wife and his 3 grown children live nearby. Navin is responsible for consultation and collaboration with the farmers’ groups, local governments, and ICO to continue the expansion of the irrigation system which continues to increase crop production for the villagers of Lahachowk.


Binod Koirala
Field Lead – Kaski Education

Binod is a resident of Pokhara, (Nepal’s second largest city) where he lives with wife and two children. Binod did his Master’s degree in Nepal and was trained on Humanitarian Assistance from Fordham University, NY, USA. He has working experience in quite a diversified range of international development sectors such as: humanity, education, environment, public health, income generation, and other social development issues. Binod’s work has included acting as regional head for International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Nepal for 10 years as well as spending the last 3 years as the country Representative of Child Welfare Scheme (CWS), Hong Kong to Nepal.

He joined ICO in 2017 as a field lead and as a result of his extensive travel within Nepal he has the added advantage of being able to assess and evaluate situations practically and effectively and bring humanitarian assistance to the needy people in Nepal.