Education Initiative

This initiative aims to support post-secondary students who come from impoverished families in North Vietnam. Providing the support needed to help students attend post-secondary institutions will open up opportunities they may not have had without furthering their education.

There are few NGO’s that help fund post-secondary education. The long term impact of helping one person in a family attain a post-secondary degree can have large effects on the family and community as a whole. The Vietnamese culture highly values “filial love” and family responsibility, so when a child who has a degree gets a stable job, they are more likely to support their parents and siblings and help their extended family. A child who finishes high school will also have these same values and responsibilities, but his or her resources and capacity may be limited.

Students who obtain scholarships will also have safe housing and receive emotional and practical support while attending college. The initiative’s first goal is to grant five students with scholarships and build from here. Thanh Tazumi leads the initiative with support from Michael and Chelsey Wilkinson as well as on the ground support from Compassion and Mercy Associates Vietnam Country Director Mau Le.

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