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Vietnam has one of the highest education rates in the region from primary to secondary school, but faces a cultural divide in post-secondary education between wealthy and well connected families, and those with neither. While wealthy families’ connections in business provide a means of employment for their children, students without means need to cut through the noise of the competition through extraordinary effort in academia. The goal of this initiative is to give students the financial stability to obtain post-secondary education and open doors to careers that change the trajectory of their families for generations to come. Without support, these students have little chance of increasing their financial standing in the community. 

Students who receive ICO Vietnam Education Initiative’s scholarships will also have access to safe housing, practical life skills & emotional support, and opportunities to connect with peers, volunteers, and mentors within and outside of Vietnam. Thanh Tazumi leads the initiative with support from Mark Tazumi, field leads Mau Le (Ha Noi) and Kim Anh Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), and a team of volunteers.

Although our priority is to provide academic support, we believe in a holistic approach to education.  We believe in nurturing compassionate, responsible, caring world citizens. Your donations and sponsorships will assist students with tuition, school supplies, gifts and awards, tutoring, field trips, leadership camps, and so much more. 

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