ICO Communities

ICO Communities are the basis for our organization. They foster collaboration, friendship, support and engagement.

This interactive map allows you to observe ICO and our global contributions. It provides an overview of where ICO Members, Communities and Initiatives are located, and describes their respective roles within ICO. If you have any questions regarding this interactive map or would like to learn more about ICO and our global interactions, please contact communitiesgroup@innovativecommunities.org


  1. Click on a pin within the map
    • Yellow pins are for Initiatives
      • Weblinks are provided to direct you to the respective initiative to learn more about it and donate
    • Red pins are for Representatives
    • Blue pins are for Ambassadors
    • Green pins are for Support Coordinators

Below the map you will find an overview of roles within ICO and the purpose behind them.



ICO currently has 24 initiatives which incorporate the core values of ICO in their efforts to help further education and promote poverty reduction. Each initiative has a Field Lead (the person on the ground leading/coordinating the day-to-day work), an Initiative Lead (coordinating fundraising and overseeing the Initiative from Canada) and many initiatives also have Initiative support members who are in either the field or in Canada who provide expertise and contribute to Initiative success. Without their efforts, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. The Initiative Leads meet with their field lead and other team members regularly to plan activities, manage spending and ensure activities are completed. The Initiative Leads report directly to the lead of ICO Operations Group and the group of Initiative Leads meet quarterly to discuss their individual Initiative progress with one another, share successes and challenges to learn from as a group.


Regional Support Coordinators are the first point of contact for Community Organisers, Ambassadors, Representatives and Community Members. They proactively build, encourage, and enhance global relationships through an online and personal presence to build and manage a state-of-the-art organizational function. They report directly to the Lead of ICO Communities Group


Representatives serve as official representatives for ICO within their own community or country. The future goal of representatives is to coordinate events aimed at recruiting new ICO members and re-engaging existing ICO members.


Ambassadors serve within their community or country to represent ICO regarding its works and values within their traditional setting (i.e. work, school, family, etc.). The coordination between ambassadors and representatives is essential in allowing ICO to grow within the respective communities or countries.


Community Organizers are in charge of leading the Community Impact Team within their ICO community. ICO Community Organisers are important in fostering friendship and collaboration with all ICO members. The Community Impact Team also includes Community Representatives and Ambassadors as well as ICO Initiative Team Leaders and designed to help connect members to others in their community.

ICO is currently recruiting for all of the roles listed above. If you are interested in learning more about the roles, please email communitiesgroup@innovativecommunities.org for further details.