Leadership Team

The Leadership Team of the Foundation is led by the  Co-Chief Executive Officers who report to the Board of Trustees via the Chair. The Leadership Team is responsible for the operations and administration of ICO worldwide.


Dawn Robson CHRP
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Lead – Properties Group 

Dawn Robson has over 20 years of private-sector leadership experience and has also been volunteering with ICO since 2008.  Dawn’s focus has been in Human Resources and has provided support at both the strategic and operational levels. She has worked in a number of sectors providing expertise with change management, employee relations and organizational design. Dawn is a Chartered Human Resources Professional (CPHR) and has a BCom degree.

Dawn has worked in a number of positions with ICO and in addition to the Co-CEO role, she provides oversight to our properties.  She believes strongly in the value of collaboration and ensuring a shared understanding – and fully supports the many aspects that makeup ICO.

During her spare time, Dawn enjoys the outdoors and can often be found cycling, kayaking or hiking.  She also enjoys her time with her family and friends.


Linda McCarron CPA, CMA
Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer 
Lead – Finance and Administration Group

Linda brings to ICO more than 25 years of experience in organizational management, strategic planning, team building, risk management, and quality assurance management. She has 15 years of public practice experience and has held several leadership positions in commercial, charitable, and municipal organizations.  Linda is a connector and values the collaborative, people-focused approach which is a pillar of ICO’s success.

Linda’s focus is on expanding global reach, building on organizational competencies, facilitating organizational innovation, and supporting team members in their strong contributions to the ICO mission.

When Linda is not working or volunteering, she enjoys traveling, attending concerts, reading, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.


Jennifer Wade
Chief Operating Officer
Lead – Operations Group 

Jennifer has proudly been a member of ICO since 2011.

Jennifer received her Kinesiology Degree from the University of Waterloo and moved to Campbell River BC where she has lived with her husband Brad McLoughlin since 1997. Jennifer has a health, safety and ergonomics background and works for Island Health as an Occupational Health and Safety Team Lead. She has developed and facilitated workshops in peer coaching, communications and safety and utilizes her leadership and process improvement skills both in her work with Island Health, as well as within the 50-member ICO Operations Group.

Jennifer and Brad, Initiative Lead for Nepal have also organized over 15 trips (for over 250 volunteers), travelling to Nepal, including several groups of high school students from Campbell River. Planning the logistics and safety for travel, accommodation, food, village living, volunteer working, hiking, orphanage visits and sightseeing can be daunting but sharing her love for Nepal and it’s people with her friends is a joy. The benefits that have been realized within an entire village in Nepal, sparked from a single friendship, are a constant reminder that we CAN make a difference if we have a friend to share the experience with.

Jennifer is an outdoor enthusiast who has biked across Canada solo, enjoys camping and hiking, has coached youth volleyball and loves travelling to experience places and learn new cultures. 


Alona Zelenokhat
Chief Engagement Officer
Lead – Engagement Group

Alona is originally from Ukraine and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Jurisprudence practicing law and has been involved in recruiting. In 2016, she and her husband with their cat moved to Canada where they lived for two years in Winnipeg and enjoyed the snow. In 2018, they moved to Victoria enabling her to further her English and to undertake a Post Degree Diploma in Human Resources Management at Camosun College. She completed a co-op internship with ICO from January – April 2020 which enabled her to successfully complete the Diploma.

She is looking forward to building a highly effective Engagement Group to support and respond to our over 1000 ICO Members Globally and the approximately 100,000 people whom we have been honored to serve. In her spare time, Alona enjoys hiking and photography.


Profile photo for Dylan KaplanDylan Kaplan
Lead – Communications Group 

Dylan was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and spent his early years living in the Alberta countryside before moving to Victoria in 2007. Currently, Dylan is pursuing a BBA: human resources management at Camosun College and plans to further complete a post-degree diploma in marketing after graduating. He is passionate about responsible organizational practices and their ability to improve lives while supporting organizational objectives across multiple functional areas. His interests also include mechanics, art, and the outdoors.


Profile photo for Catalina RobertsCatalina Roberts
Lead – ICO Communities Group 

Catalina is currently in the process of completing her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Development Studies at the University of Calgary. Her degree allows her to focus on her passion within the African region and the importance of security and strategy, specifically within conflict zones.

 In 2018, she joined ICO after being a youth representative for the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation at the United Nations High-level Political Forum. She has quickly transitioned from an intern with the secretariat to the lead of ICO Communities and is honoured to represent ICO on the world stage at different event globally and locally.

In her spare time she embraces the cold weather of Calgary with snowboarding and hiking but also enjoys bouldering, hanging out with friends, and traveling the globe.


Scarlette VerjinschiProfile photo for Scarlette Verjinschi
Lead – ICO Institute

Scarlette immigrated with her family to Canada in 1993.  She joined the BC Public Service in 2002, after eight years working in architectural firms in Victoria, while briefly being a partner in one.   She has a Master degree in Architecture and obtained a Master degree in Business Administration in 2002, from Royal Roads University.

As a public servant, she led and developed various provincial initiatives and programs at the Ministries of Social Development, Health and Citizens’ Services; she joined UVic in 2018. 

Scarlette is interested in social justice, multi-faceted personal and professional development, and sustainability for the social, built and natural environments.