Kobian Matoto Bountouraby Sylla School

Our philosophy is that every community knows what it needs. We listened to the parents and elders of Kobian and this is the project that they asked for help to bring to life.

Kobian is a rural community of about 2,000 people. It is near the city of Dubréka and to the north of Guinea’s capital, Conakry. Life in Kobian depends on subsistence agriculture. Families work hard to catch fish and grow their own rice, cassava, sweet potato, honey, poultry, yam, peanut, and mango. There are no electrical lines in the community; only a generator.

Our school has a great impact on the lives of the students because it provides quality public education. Thanks to local education, new families have settled in the village.

Due to Guinea’s low literacy rate, many of the students at our school are relied on to read, write and translate for their parents. The families of our students are very proud of their children. Your support will provide salaries for teachers and administration so we can continue to be one of the top schools in Dubréka prefecture.

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