San Antonio Education & Community

The ICO scholarship program is continually growing from its humble beginning. Although most children are able to make it through the primary grades, education becomes increasingly expensive as students reach middle and high school; which involve student fees, uniforms, and long bus trips because there aren’t any high schools in the villages.

As well as providing scholarships, ICO supports a community learning centre that supports learners of all ages. Groups of children arrive throughout the day (there’s plenty of free time in San Antonio because the schools run on a shift system) for extra help with their work. We’ve organized and expanded the small library to be a major resource for these children who rarely see the printed word outside of school, and brought in more computers to help with research. As well as reaching out to kids, we continue to welcome community education programs such as a government-sponsored literacy program for adults, and a twice-weekly lunch and exercise program for frail, elderly women. The learning center is buzzing with energy and activity!

New this October 2019 are two new magazines in PDF format:
2.  La Casita – a centre of learning and support for Guatemalan children, youth, and vulnerable elders.

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