Kenya is a founding member of the East African Community (EAC) and is bordered by Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east. Its capital and largest city is Nairobi. Kenya covers 581,309 km2 (224,445 sq mi) and has a population of approximately 45 million people, the majority of whom are English-speaking Christians.

Kenya is a country that has undergone great growth in recent years. The economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in East and Central Africa, with Nairobi serving as a hub of commerce. Agriculture is a major industry; the country traditionally exports tea and coffee and has more recently begun to export fresh flowers to Europe. The service industry is also a major economic driver. As a presidential representative democratic republic, Kenya has a relatively stable government, good infrastructure foundation and large tourism industry; however, approximately half of the population lives below the poverty level and access to clean water remains a challenge for many Kenyans. Extreme poverty and unemployment in the slums and rural areas limits opportunities for the people who live there, but many local groups and organizations are working towards making health care and education more accessible.

ICO has been partnering with Kenyan communities to improve economic stability and education since 2003.

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