About ICO

Innovativecommunities.org Foundation is a Canadian registered charity with over 120 pro-bono volunteer team members and over 2000 ICO Friends globally. We have current or matured Communities and Initiatives in eight countries (as of 2017) and are located on four continents.

The ICO Vision

In order to support and strengthen the people in the communities we serve, we relieve poverty and advance education by connecting Communities with Resources through processes, technologies, grassroots involvement, team building and Community-driven Initiatives.

The ICO Mission

  • 100% volunteer – 100% donations to the Community Initiative – 100% transparent
  • Build relationships first, then task if required.
  • Take risks to innovate.
  • Do not let ideology affect our relationships.
  • Share with the World our Research, Projects, and Initiatives whether successful or not.
  • And remember – above all, we are Friends working together.

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Our committed volunteers take ownership of their areas of responsibility and believe in the power of collaboration. They understand that “You are the Difference“.