Foundation is a Canadian registered charity with a focus on the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of education.  But more than that – it is an ongoing exercise in working collaboratively, innovatively and transparently in everything that we do so that we can help provide the maximum benefit to everyone we touch.

We have developed the following vision for our organization:

In order to support and strengthen the people in the communities we serve, we relieve poverty and advance education by connecting Communities with Resources through processes, technologies, grassroots involvement, team building and Community-driven Initiatives.



  • We support global communities in local initiatives with local oversight. Community collaboration and initiatives are focused to the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of education in countries around the world.
  • We raise understanding and knowledge of global issues through our volunteer and friends network
  • We support interpersonal relationships between people who want to make positive social change



  • We are 100% volunteer based
  • We give 100% of every dollar donated directly to the initiative and not to our overhead costs
  • We are 100% transparent (as much as technology allows)
  • We have a broad charitable mandate that allows us to grow and expand
  • We are an online organization focused on innovation and sustainability