Victoria Banfield House

The Banfield House building was acquired by ICO in 2004 in co-operation with the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This health residence provides a supportive living environment for 22 citizens with persistent mental health issues who may be at risk for poverty and homelessness. ICO leases the building to the Vancouver Island Health Authority to enable the overall mission. Island Health provides the health professionals and support including catering staff. Each resident has a private room with en-suite and shared common areas. ICO provides the maintenance of the building under contract and any planned upgrades. The administration and management of the building are handled by ICO pro-bono volunteer Team Members.

The mortgage, maintenance, insurance, and taxes for this building are met by the lease cash flows with Island Health and no donations are involved. Any positive cash flows are used to support the overhead of ICO Initiatives and Projects worldwide so that every dollar donated is provided fully to the initiative.