Nepal Women’s Health Camp

The health care in Lahachowk, Nepal, is very basic and unable to address the needs of its community. For this reason, women’s health has become a focal issue in the village. Many of the village’s women often return to hard labour too soon after childbirth. This has resulted in the prevalence of uterine prolapse among the women of Lahachowk. This condition and other gynecological issues are under-diagnosed and left untreated due to: the shame and fear of coming forward, lack of access to medical care, and lack of the financial means to pay for medical costs.

ICO held a 1 day health screening camp to identify uterine cancer through PAP testing. Local physicians provided this service free, with referrals to hospitals for surgical needs. ICO funded the transportation, food, and medicine to help remove the barriers that the women faced in order to participate. ICO was able to effectively create the opportunity for women to obtain the services they needed to improve and maintain their health. As a result, Lahachowk women could better care for their children, manage their household responsibilities and contribute their labour to the economic needs of the community.

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