Yves Parizeau
Initiative Lead- Mali Instruments 4 Africa

Yves was born in Montreal and moved to the West Coast in 1982.  He now lives on Lasqueti Island.  He worked as a psychologist then became an elementary school teacher in Victoria, retiring in 2006.  He has been actively involved as a volunteer for many years.  He first became involved with ICO with an initiative called Atz’iaq Education Program based in Guatemala and since completed.  Then he became part of a new initiative called Instruments4africa based in Mali.  He had the privilege of going to Mali 3 times to work in the field and helped established a tutoring program for the children involved in a dance troupe.  He also had the privilege of volunteering with refugees on Samos Island in Greece, with Palestinians on the occupied territories of the West Bank, with children in Nicaragua and in general, in the social justice movement locally and globally.  Although retired as a teacher, he continues to be involved as a consultant in environmental education. He loves nature and being outdoors, hiking, camping and kayaking.