Jennifer Corson and Keith Robertson: Initiative Leads Library And Community Development

Jennifer and Keith are architects, business partners and parents of two children Clay and Lil. The entire family were involved in their first ICO trip to Ghana in 2015, and Jen and Keith continue to be the Team Leads for their initiative ‘Build for Ghana’. Jennifer’s architectural thesis project from 1990 was the original inspiration for her family’s return to Ghana and to continue working on her passion (and Keith’s interests too!) in sustainable construction and renewable technologies. 

Together Jennifer and Keith run their architectural practice, Solterre Design, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are also the owners of an architectural salvage company, co-owners of a fair-trade local café and bakery, and are also instructors at Dalhousie University’s Architecture program. They are passionate about supporting entrepreneurship in all aspects of environmental stewardship and enjoy their time at their off-grid retreat near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. 
It is with their combined efforts with ICO’s Team Members Frank Appiah-Kubi and John Crace, that their first project, the construction of Korkor’s Community Library in Abetenim, and been a success and has expanded to many other community-based construction and education programs.
Frank Appiah-Kubi
Field Lead- Library & Community Development 
Frank Appiah Kubi is Ghanaian and resides in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He is a teacher by profession (and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education). He is also married and has two young children. He enjoys organizing rural communities for developmental activities, aside from teaching junior high science classes.
It is his vision to set up a developmental center to assist the aged and the less privileged in his society. He has been working with Mama Affiah Serwah (Mrs. Jennifer Corson) and Papa Kwasi Appiah (Mr. Keith Robertson) and their ICO initiative ‘Ghana Library and Community Development’ projects for several years. The initial construction of Korkor’s Community Library in Abetenim, has expanded to many other community support and education programs.