Mark Holland 
Initiative Lead- Nakuru-Meru School Sponsorship

Mark Holland is a professional Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) and businessman. He lives on Salt Spring Island with his lovely wife and business partner, Josanne. In 2017 they were inspired to go to Kenya to help a Canadian woman run her orphanage. When that project came to a natural end, they saw the need to continue supporting orphaned children to get an education. From there the Nakuru-Meru School Sponsorship was born.


Joash Barasa 
Field Lead- Nakuru-Meru School Sponsorship 

Joash Barasa Wakhungu is the field manager responsible for the ICO sponsored children in Nakuru-Meru Counties. He holds Certificates in Safety and Health and in Kenya Red Cross safety.

Joash has been looking after the children, who are part of this project, since 2019. He makes sure they have food and shelter where they are living in between school terms. He is responsible for ensuring they are checked into school on time, and with school fees being paid. Joash also makes sure they have all the needed school supplies and uniforms as required by the various schools.

He listens to their concerns for their future and anything else he might be able to help them with. The children rely on him for his calm and centered personality and have much to be grateful for to have him to look after them.