Dear friends of ICO’s Bondo Kenya Initiative, 

Happy New Year to all!  We would just like to give you a quick update on our project.

It’s alive and well and going strong!!  We currently have 18 students in over 15 different schools, from Grade 7 in Bondo (last one in grade school) to medical studies at the University of Nairobi.  Seven of the older students are also currently in various trade studies at post-secondary institutions (such as community health, social work and community development, plumbing, lab technician).

In 2023, besides supporting all of the students in school and food security for several ICO families, ICO supported urgent medical needs, including one ICO mother with Type 2 diabetes.  ICO supported rent for two ICO widowed mothers, as the government has stopped paying for their rent. One of those mothers had all her belongings in that room thrown out, so we stepped in to help.

ICO also purchased land and fencing for an ICO widowed mother (with a house build in progress). Over the next two years we plan to purchase one more plot of land and build a house for one more poor ICO mother.  

Our onsite coordinator Mary continues to do a fantastic job with the finances and receipts. And congratulations to Mary who is recently the proud mother of a baby boy!

Jennifer is the main liaison with the ICO students and families concerning their needs. She then provides direction to Mary who provides the required money. Mary sends receipts back to Mark in Canada for accounting and reconciliation with the amount of money sent from ICO to Kenya.

Thanks for your continued support! We are all really making a difference in the lives of our ICO students and their families. The students will be able to support their families once they complete their studies. Donations are always welcome.

Please visit the ICO website: .  

Wishing you all the best for 2024, 

Jennifer and Mark