Tanzania MamaPower Financial Security – February 2023 Update

In January the two VICOBAs received an infusion of funds. These funds enhance the lending power of each of the VICOBAs, now named Matanyok and Nashipay!  

Neema Lazier (in the centre of this photo, with the big smile) is the Community Health Worker who supports the Mamas. She tells us these funds will further ” raise up the economic status of women and improve their living standard”.  

And she elaborates that “pastoralist women are faced by devastating droughts and effects of climate change. So, there was a need to support the Maasai women to be able to run different business activities to be able to support their children”.

The impact of the VICOBA lending program is significant as it “enables women to run different small businesses like selling sugar, maize, bead work”.  The profits the Mamas make mean they are able to feed their families and pay their children’s school fees.  One of the exciting impacts of access to loans is “ the women become more creative in making business”.

We’ll have more to report on that in the coming months.