Education for All: Building for the Future – April 2022

Girls Dorm is Finished!

April 10, 2022:  Phase 2 of Nashipay Dormitory is now complete and there are over 40 boys and girls who are going to school, getting a good English medium education, and living in Makuyni boma surrounded and supported by community and cultural practices that are familiar to them.  It’s a big adjustment just the same.  Philipo Lucas tells it from his perspective:

I miss my job of looking after the cows.

Living in the dorm brings me happiness because I have a mattress.  Living in the block building is great. So is playing with other kids.  It’s very hard to use get used to using the dorm toilets.  

I am in class 6.  My teachers are Christian, Andrew and teacher Danvan. My favourite subject is mathematics. After school is finished, I go to the dormitory, shower, have evening porridge at 5:30.  Then dinner at 7:00 there is evening devotion. Then, we go to evening classes ( Editor Note: Class 6 are being supported to help them do well on the National Exam they will write next year).

I want to be a doctor or livestock doctor.”



Phase 2 completed the girls side of the dormitory; they look happy and comfortable in their new surroundings!


Our thanks to the generous support of friends of this project!