Education for All – Building for the Future

The Council of Elders in the Makuyuni boma of Northern Tanzania have long understood that education is critical for their community. 

Education leads to healthier and more productive lives. In 2012, they assembled a team to build the first classroom of what is now Nashipay Maasai Primary School. The Elders planned for the children to receive a Ministry of Education approved English medium education infused with Maasai culture and values.

The desire among Maasai families for their children to receive an education continues to grow. Nashipay Maasai School is well respected, attracting students from across Maasailand. This has resulted in an increasing student population and the need for more learning spaces.

Currently the school campus includes classrooms for Preschool to Class 5 as well as a small library and administrative space. There are currently just over 150 students attending and with the opening of the dormitory in 2022 that number will increase. 

The Nashipay School has proven to make a positive impact in the lives of many students and the community, but there is still a lot of work to do to meet the demand! ICO is stepping in to support the continuing construction for Nashipay Maasai School..

Construction projects will fall under the following two categories.;

  1. Infrastructure including dining hall, additional classrooms, latrines, water, solar, school buses, major equipment.
  2. Furnishings including desks, blackboards, lockers, bookshelves, dorm bunks

The Nashipay School Committee has requested that ICO fundraise to complete the school complex, build a dining hall and complete the student and teacher dormitories in order to keep the school on a trajectory to sustainably serve the Maasai community now and in the future.

Join our virtual construction team; thanks for your donation.

The community at work on the first classroom building.

The community at work on the first classroom building.

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