Nepal Irrigation Project Update - Nov. 2020

Some good news! ICO member Navin Adhikari has sent a photo of a very fruitful rice crop in the village of Lahachowk. The monsoons can bring devastation through floods and landslides but without them, the staple crop of Nepal would not exist. The ICO Irrigation project continues to be a success as increased crop yields are experienced by many villagers. Rice is essential for daily food consumption for most Nepalese and a good rice crop improves food security. If families are lucky enough to have an excess rice yield not needed for household consumption, funds are available to cover the purchase of other food stuffs, health and education needs. Currently over 3 kilometers of irrigation canals have been reinforced with cement, however currently the expansion of the irrigation project is still on hold due to COVID and will be resumed when supplies are available and it is safe to resume work again.