Nepal Irrigation Update 2018

An ongoing commitment is dedicated to the irrigation project in the village of Lahachowk that started over 8 years ago. There is a small window twice a year, early Spring and mid fall, when work can be done building and cementing canal walls.  These windows of opportunity occur when fields are  empty after crops have been harvested and lack heavy rains. This also allows the cement, stones, and rebar to be more easily transported to the location by the villagers cooperatively owned tractor instead of carried by hand. An ICO group lead by Jennifer Wade in October and a student group lead by Brad McLoughlin and Jennifer in late March worked on the project. Each section of the irrigation is completed in collaboration with the village development and irrigation committees and the farmers’ cooperative. There are over 3 kilometers of cemented irrigation in the village resulting in a more robust crop yield. This year’s rice harvest has been good, and the continued expansion of the project will reach more and more farmers.