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Abetenim is a small village in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The village is about 10 kilometers away from the next larger community (Juaben) which is the nearest market and connection to transport and health services. The city of Kumasi is one-hour away and the nearest location for purchasing major supplies, building materials, banking, etc.

Based on a community survey of 32 Abetenim households undertaken in March and April of 2017, Jennifer and the ICO team was able to collect important information about village life, activities, and project ideas.

Over 90% of the inhabitants of Abetenim are farmers, working on their nearby plots of land. Palm nuts and oranges are the main products grown for local markets. Most of the farming is for daily consumption for the families in the village, or for selling at the Juaben market.

There is an elementary school in Abetenim with approximately 150 children enrolled. There is also a junior high school, consisting of three classrooms and is attended by 60 children. With the completion of the library, and other projects in the village, the population is increasing and with it, the demand for high school education among young people.

This initiative’s goal is to reduce poverty and improve literacy among families in Abetenim, Ghana in a lasting and meaningful way by improving access to education and educational materials for adults and children.

ICO is collaborating with the Abetenim community to provide the following resources and support:


  • culturally appropriate children’s reading material available for all ages
  • children attending weekly ‘Kids Story Time’ program hosted by the local library
  • male and female adults enrolled in literacy classes at the local library
  • adults have appropriate resource materials to support their literacy and numeracy learning
  • local school children and families have free access to library books and computers


  • composting latrines built for visitors to the community library
  • composting latrines built at the local elementary and junior high schools
  • library solar system connected and providing electricity as needed
  • rocket demonstration stove(s) built and used for cooking

Skills Training

  • librarians trained to manage and oversee library operations and resources
  • young men trained in new composting latrine construction techniques
  • young men trained in rocket stove construction


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