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The Snoul Education Initiative is a project that aims to help alleviate barriers to education for Stieng children in remote villages in Snoul. Their goal is to provide school uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, and bicycles to children in remote villages in Snoul, Cambodia.

The initiative currently works collaboratively with an NGO called We Love Kids (WLK) to bring uniforms and backpacks from the Phnom Pehn city to Snoul. Efforts will always be made to negotiate with a local business to provide the needed uniforms and backpacks when available.

Education is not always seen as a priority in Cambodia. The cost of a school uniform, backpack, and school supplies, and other school related costs, are added expenses that make it even more challenging or impossible to go to school. Education is a key element in the fight against endemic poverty. The goal of this project is to relieve poverty, advance education, and create sustainability. Villages would take a large step to sustainability if one generation of children were able to complete an education. It is the initiative’s goal to work alongside the local leaders and help share the value of education.


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