Flo and her 2 children
Nakuru-Meru School Sponsorship Update – May 2024

May 2024

A Student Profile – Florence

About five years ago, we started sponsoring a young lady in Meru, Florence, who was volunteering at a Children’s Home.

Flo had a boyfriend at the time, and before she was about to start university, she got pregnant, with twins.

You can imagine the burden on her shoulders at her young age (around 20) about to give birth to twins.

Her boyfriend, being a young student himself and not working, had no means to support Flo and her two babies on the way.

Florence’s parents were from a Kenyan village, and they did not have the means to support her to attend university, especially now with this additional burden of two children to support.

We talked to Flo about her commitment to keep and raise her twins.

We decided to sponsor Flo through her entire university cycle.

She was, at the time, specializing in forensic journalism. During her studies she switched to forensic accounting, discovering that she has a love of numbers.

Sadly, one of her twins died after one year.

Florence finished university and I encouraged her to apply at Deloitte’s in Nairobi, one of the largest accounting firms in the world.

After repeated attempts (Flo is a very determined young lady), she landed a job with Deloitte’s!

There is more amazing news to report in this story: Flo’s boyfriend came back into her life. The two of them have another child – a little boy – and they are engaged to be married!

ICO makes a difference, one student at a time!

Thank you for reading.