MamaPower: Growing Food Security Update – November 2023

The community goat share program continues … with lots of learning along the way.  Maasai goats offer milk and are resilient to the drought conditions that are being experienced in East Africa.  The hybrid goats, while they offer more milk, are very high maintenance, needing routine vet attention, medicines, and extra feed. With nine goats and five cows as an indicator that the family is above the Maasai poverty line, each goat gets a family closer to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

As well, permaculture gardening continues to be a daily activity for the kids at Nashipay School.  Each class has its own small garden in front of their classroom, and the class takes full responsibility for planting, caring for, and harvesting the produce.  The produce from the community permaculture garden provides food for school lunches, helping ensure the kids are eating a balanced diet.  With the ongoing drought – no rains at all in the May to October timeframe and no water being held in the dam (it developed a substantial leak and lost all water in February, 2023) – the gardens will remain smaller until the rains come.  Soon … we all hope!