MamaPower: Growing Food Security Update – August 2023

Food Security is an Ongoing Challenge

There is always a good news-bad news story about food security.   

The good news is that Nashipay Maasai Initiatives – the Tanzanian NGO that owns and runs Nashipay Maasai School – is led by a Board and administration that is farsighted.  The school was recently designated an Eco School because of its focus on permaculture as part of the school curriculum.  Each class is responsible for its own garden plot. The kids plant, water, weed and harvest … all the while learning about the role permaculture can play in the health of their community.

The bad news is the drought in East Africa continues; temperatures are high and there are many months without a drop of rain.  And to add to the challenge, the dam that provided water during the dry season failed a few months back.  This means keeping the school gardens alive is an increasingly big challenge.  They have reduced the amount of planted garden space because there is not enough water coming from the bore hole for the whole garden… And this means there are fewer vegetables for the kids’s daily lunches.  

The other piece of good news is the small tree and plant nursery is doing well. They are growing  Popcorn trees to give to families to plant near their homes.  This tree grows quickly and will provide shade. And an extra plus is goats are not fond of it!