MamaPower: Growing Food Security Update – September 2022

When you live below the poverty line, having enough money for food is a daily challenge. In Maasailand, the poverty line has traditionally been measured in cows and goats: 5 cows and 9 goats, to be exact. For pastoralists, livestock is currency.

But with the forced migration of Maasai out of the Serengeti and then the Ngorongoro Crater, the Maasai are adapting to a more sedentary life. That means they are learning new skills to feed their families. In this video, the community Permaculture Head Gardener is teaching one of the Mamas to create a sack garden. Vegetables grown at home for a fraction of the cost of purchase at market are an additional way to build financial stability.


Mr Simba explaining the planting of tree seedlings

 Mamas working in the shamba