Permaculture – That’s Nature – Wow!

Students working in their kitchen garden terraces

We heard that a lot in our recent visit to the Makuyuni Boma. Mr. Simba, the community’s permaculture guide and head gardener, works with all the students at Nashipay Maasai School. He teaches them how they are part of permaculture, as beginning gardeners and as consumers of the food grown in the gardens.

Mr Simba with a student

One of the garden strategies he is teaching is sack gardening. Sack gardens have been planted and placed in the Eco Village, allowing visitors to the boma the chance to taste a bit of Swiss Chard or nibble on some cilantro. In creating these sack gardens, the kids were able to see first hand how gardening can be done at home. And that is just what is happening. Mamas, with help from their kids, are beginning to experiment with vegetable growing at home.

Sack gardens with one of the school gardeners

As pastoralists, the Maasai traditionally do not grow or eat vegetables … and adding to their permaculture land management is a new and exciting strategy!