MamaPower: Growing Food Security Update – January 2022

Sharing is fundamental to Maasai culture … and the Community Goat Share program is a great way to see this part of Maasai culture in action!

In Maasailand, the poverty line is defined as 9 goats and 5 cows; this is equivalent to living on less than $2.00 per day by North American standards. The Community Goat Share program helps Mamas in the boma of Makuyuni build a herd to support her family.

The Council of Elders invites Mamas whose family lives below the Maasai Poverty line to join the program. Once accepted into the food security program, she receives 4 Maasai goats. Mentors in the program support her to build her skills; pasturing, health and housing. As the goats have kids, the Mama keeps the first, third and fifth kid to raise as part of her herd. The second and fourth goats are shared with another Mama who joins the group.


The program now has 16 families who have benefits: 

    • Milk for the children
    • Additional kids born to the maturing goats so she can grow her own herd for the family
    • A goat herd that is hers to manage as she wants
    • Enhanced confidence as food and financial security grow