UPDATE ON NAKURU-MERU SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP – written by Joash Barasa, Field Lead

This update is about the students in various schools (primary, high school/secondary and campus/university).

I will start with the lower classes first. Regarding the health status of all pupils, they are all doing well. This includes students from Bishop Ndingi, Baraka Boys School, Father Decol Academy in Meru and all the Pokot girls.

In regard to their performance, the boys in Baraka Boys Boarding Primary are performing very well. James Y. is in standard seven. He was number 2 in his class with 350 marks out of 500 marks. We are expecting a good result on the final exam, which he is going to take next December.

Felix O. is in standard eight. He is performing well and is number 3 in his class with 361 marks out of 500 marks. He will sit the final exam next year. The girl at Bishop Ndingi school is also doing well.

Our 13 Pokot girls are doing well, despite the government changing the curriculum /education study.
Only one girl by the name Caroline M. was sick for the past two weeks. She went to hospital for a medical examination because she was complaining about her stomach and having headaches all the time. The results showed that food was the cause and the doctor recommended that she should not eat beans and maize and have a more suitable diet. All pupils are doing fine at school.

On behalf of the learners, I take this opportunity to thank the entire team of ICO for ensuring that all school fees are paid and paid on time.

Our highschool girls:
Our student in Naivasha St. Francis Xavier Girls School is doing well in school and in term one she got 56 points. She has indicated that she would like to go to university and will continue to focus on her studies.

Our student (Winfred) in St. Andrew Kaggwe Girls School is also performing well. In term one she got 47 points. In term three she has had some challenges getting a balanced diet. I worked on this with the cooperation of school management and now she is fine. She is going to sit the final exam next term because she’s in form four right now. She has been working hard to be able to go to university and become a teacher.

The one that is in St. Clare Secondary School for Girls, Elburgon by the name Elizabeth M.K . is doing well since she joined high school. She is in Form Two now and she got 86 points which is a straight A. She would also like to go to university.

The learners are ready to study as long as the team from ICO is willing to help/support them.
The three university students attending Embu University, Kenyatta University and Mount Kenya University are all doing well health wise. Education wise, (and also, they are serious about their studies), and I believe that they will deliver a good result. This is concerning their future. They are expected to perform better in order to give back to the community where they come from and the larger community.