Kawangware School Build – January 2022

We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support and interest in the school build project. We are excited to have enough money to purchase approximately 2 acres of land in the region that we are looking in.

As we move into the new year, we look towards securing legal advice to assist us in ensuring that we get the best possible option for construction of a long lasting school in Kenya.

If you or anyone you know has experience with fully self-sustainable building technologies, we welcome feedback and information as we aim to ensure all considerations are taken in when the final land purchase is accomplished.

With the global pandemic, life within the slum has gotten even harder than prior to the pandemic. Major job shortages worsen and the cost of living has increased leading to more dense living situations and decreased access to clean water and food. The chance to be in an open environment with clean water, food, and open space is one that these children would otherwise not have.