Kawangware School Build - Dec. 2019 Update

We made some great progress this year on the school build. After meeting with several people in Kenya who have experience with building in Kenya and the board at Little Ray of Hope we have decided to look towards Bungoma County in Northern Kenya for land. There are several reasons we are looking here including cost, security, support of the community, and low level of tribal conflict.

Currently we have enough money raised to purchase one acre of land. We will strive to raise another $20,000 in 2020. In early 2021 we will return to Kenya to purchase land and start with construction.

We look forward to helping the school create a sustainable future with classes not just of an academic nature but also in the trades. This will help more students attain jobs after they complete their schooling. The land and programs will also provide the opportunity to grow food, make art to sell for funds, and provide other services to the community.