Kenya Nakuru-Meru School Sponsorship Update

Hello friends,

Our Kenyan family has grown! We are excited to report that our ICO Project has expanded! It includes Nakuru County in addition to Meru County.

Due to Covid 19, life is difficult. Schools closed. People working as day traders have no one to sell to. Casual laborers cannot work. People with work were laid off. The government has no subsidies for its citizens.

Because of our ICO project our children are doing very well. One young man, Nahashon, is at university in Embu. Although it is closed, he is studying hard while staying in student housing. Nahashon is planning to be a lawyer.

Blessy, Caroline, Mwenda and Little Mark are at home with their Aunt and grandma. We have sent them some food and supplies which was gratefully received.

In the remote region of Pokot our 14 girls have been sent home. Father Maxwell, (in charge of their school), has visited them to check up on their well being. We sent food, sanitary napkins and soap for them. They were so happy to get this food.

Here is another great Nakuru County story! Monica
– an amazing woman – has recently adopted 4 children. These four children are total orphans. Both their mom and dad died. The children lived alone in a house near the road. Monica would bring them food.


Then the government tore down the house. Why? It was too close to the road.

Monica took these 4 children into her own home. She has 5 of her own children. Now she has a family of 9 kids.

Monica is a casual day labourer. With Covid 19 she is out of work. She has no means to support these 9 children. Her husband left her because she took in these 4 orphans.

We have taken on 2 of her adopted kids. As well, we have sent food and supplies for her.

We also hired Monica as a farm worker in our ICO East Africa Permaculture project. In this way, she can feed her many children. This is better than giving a hand-out. Monica is proud and grateful to be working!