East Africa Permaculture Update – May 2024

May 2024

We are managing three permaculture sites in the Molo region of Kenya.

We decided at the inception of the East Africa Permaculture project to focus solely on a few sites in one region.

We did this because too often, in Africa, funds are sent to implement a permaculture site, and a great amount of work and cost goes into the implementation. Then once everything is beautifully set up, the implementers of the site move on to the next site.

The problem is that without an experienced permaculture expert left on site, the project declines to the state it was before implementation.

Our three sites in Molo are managed by Joash Barasa, an experienced, well-trained, passionate permaculture expert.

We hired two women who have, between them, over 12 children, many orphans. The living wage we pay them plus the organic vegetables grown help to sustain their families, with so many children to feed.

Also, Zebulon helps Joash manage the Kisii Ndogo site, a small village in Molo with many food sovereignty challenges.

The other two sites are at two convents, and the food goes to support school children and the poor in the surrounding communities.

One ongoing issue we have to solve is that because the Kenyan people are struggling with poverty, some people have resorted to stealing the organically grown vegetables.

Thankfully, not all the food gets stolen, and, for now, there is enough for all who need it.

Thank you for reading.

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