Education for All: Creating Opportunities Update – August 2023

July 1, 2023 is the 10th Anniversary of Nashipay Maasai School!

Who would have thought that a school that started with one classroom, 1 teacher and 29 students in 2013 would be bursting at the seams and have families on a waiting list to send their children to school in 2023?   However, it is today’s reality as the enrollment numbers increase on almost a daily basis. Nashipay Maasai School’s enrollment approaches 450 students as the July, 2023 term opens.  The big PLUS is that almost 25% of these students are children that would not otherwise have this opportunity except through the bursary program funded by Social Enterprises in the community in partnership with the Education for All Bursary Program.  A big “high five” to all who contribute!!

Nashipay Maasai School July, 2013

Nashipay Maasai School, July 2023