Education for All: Creating Opportunities Update – February 2023

School is In!!!

Excitement is in the air at Nashipay Maasai School as 350 kids enroll for the new school year, which runs from January to December in Tanzania.

This is the first year the school has had enrolment up to Class 7. The teachers and staff are excited to be able to offer the full range of pre and primary classes to students from all over the country.  School buses are running to bring kids from the District (up to 25 km away), the dormitory (new last year) houses children from all corners of Maasailand, and the kids from the boma (Maasai village where the school is located) run to school each day with joy in their hearts.

The teachers tell us the kids love going to school so much that they even show up when school is out!  Parents, teachers, and school staff work together to create this pathway for learning. And the community is grateful for the partnership with donors whose financial support ensures that kids living under the Maasai poverty line are able to go to school too! As donors your contributions help give these children and the whole community hope for a brighter future.