Kawangware School Sponsorship Update – September 2022

The students and teachers in Kenya have had an intense couple of years with the last two calendar years having 4 terms instead of 3 to make up for the time missed due to COVID-related school closures. Everyone has worked so hard during this time, and we are excited to see them entering their last compressed term before they return to the regular school year in 2023!

We are also celebrating the last primary school term for Saumu, Phionah, and Diana. We look forward to continuing to support them next year when they enter high school. These three girls are all currently supported through individual donations. If anyone is interested in sponsoring one of them for a term, a year, or the remainder of their high school career, please reach out to us by contacting Kelsey at kelseymolz@innovativecommunities.org.

Looking back to 2013 when we first met Diana and Phionah…

Thank you to everyone who helped them get this far.

Kelsey Molz

Kenya-Kawangware-School Sponsorship

Initiative Lead