Education For All – July 2022 Update

Education the Maasai Way 

Fundamental to Nashipay Maasai School is its foundation in our Maasai culture. The matrons who care for the children in the dorm are Maasai; they create the Maasai way as the kids play and live together. Almost all of the 16 teachers are Maasai, ensuring every day the kids hear Maa. In the classrooms and on the playground, the Maasai values of cooperation and care for others are tangible. Respect for one’s elders and encouragement for fellow students are central to the Nashipay way of learning. 


Nashipay Maasai Pre and Primary School – Working within the Tanzanian Education System 

We follow the Tanzanian Ministry of Education curricula, beginning with Baby Class and continuing to Class 7. Subjects include Science, Math, Kiswahili, English, Social Studies, and Civics. 

There are three pre-primary grades: Baby class (typically ages 3 and 4);  Middle class (ages 4 and 5); and Pre Unit (ages 5 and 6). These pre-primary years help the children settle into the daily routines of building their vocabulary and confidence in speaking English. They also develop basic numeracy and literacy skills. 

The primary classes begin at Grade 1 and continue to Grade 7. Students successful in the Grade 7 National exams continue to their O levels (4 years) and finally to their A levels (2 years) to complete their high school education.  

English is the language of instruction. The students learn English as a second language; most are native Maa speakers and a few speak Kiswahili. It’s challenging, but rewarding; students are trilingual when they complete Grade 7. 

Connecting with Parents  

Teacher-parent connections are a critical component of the educational plan at Nashipay. These relationships support parents as they learn about the formal education process. Many have not had the chance to attend school. Monthly meetings keep parents abreast of student progress and activities at the school. 

Teachers have lots of opportunity to learn about each child to help deepen their ability to make connections that support success!