East Africa Permaculture – Update August 2021


Permaculture brings light where there is no light. Permaculture brings a future where there is no future. In addition to that – permaculture brings hope where there is no hope.

Permaculture teaches the community simple techniques of farming without using any kind of fertilizer. In the Bahati community, the entire community is benefiting from this new system of farming, especially the elderly. They are getting green local vegetables, beans, and maize from one permaculture project that was implemented last year. Now the community is enjoying the food and also learning to mimic the same at their own respective homes. Already permaculture has been installed in four different communities. The progress is improving each and every day! ….

Christine C. from Nakuru Molo-Kenya

“I thought that there was no hope and no future ahead. There was no smile in my life because of the predicaments that I was experiencing each and every day of my life. I had planned to commit suicide because of what I was seeing and I had no hope for the future ahead of me. I thought it could be better to kick the basket than to continue living a miserable life full of heartache. I was thinking this way because both sides of my family (my family and my husband’s family) rejected me. I had nowhere to go. But permaculture in the community brings life back again, brings hope back again and also brings a future back again. I am employed inside of the permaculture project as casual labour. I am earning something to sustain my family of six kids and myself, and I am also getting green veggies, maize, and beans from the permaculture site, Permaculture brings a smile to my face again, so now I am able to save a little amount for rental housing and to take care myself too. Permaculture in the community saved me and my six kids. Thank you so much for saving the life of my family and I. God bless the people that support this project in our neglected peasant community.”