Vietnam Education Initiative Update - March 2021

The Gift of Warmth During a Cold Winter
A very special thanks to the sponsors who donated toward a very warm gift to students in Hanoi this winter. Three of our regular scholarship sponsors pooled their money together to pay for sleeping bags for 16 students associated with ICO and our in-country partner CAMA Vietnam. As you can see in the photos, students had fun opening their gifts and had a great “photoshoot” in their apartment.

Rise in COVID Cases Keeps Students in On-line Classes
Right before Lunar New Year (February 26, 2021) Vietnam saw a rise in COVID cases, which led to tighter restrictions, resulting in students going back to online classes in Northern parts of the country. Since most of the students sponsored by ICO also have jobs in Hanoi, they chose to stay in the city to work as they continued their online studies. Students in Southern Vietnam are able to attend in-person classes, as the region is not under the same restrictions.