Vietnam Graduates
Vietnam Education Initiative Update – July 2022

Mark Tazumi and I (Thanh Tazumi) had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam and celebrate the accomplishments of some amazing students. We were honoured to attend a graduation ceremony of one of four students that graduated this summer. Due to different timing and locations we could not attend the other ceremonies, so we decided to organize our own graduation ceremony during a weekend retreat with 19 students, including six students who graduated between 2019 and 2021.  Due to the pandemic the six alumni were not celebrated the way they deserved, so we organized our own CAMA/ICO graduation ceremony to honour their achievement.

Three out of four graduates from this year have found work in their field, and the fourth graduate is currently looking for work in Hanoi.  Five out of the six alumni are working in their field of study, with one student not yet working in his field, although he has a job.

Below are some pictures of the graduates.