Chaquijya Compost & Recycling Update - Feb. 2021

Because of the closure of all schools in the Chaquijya area, due to the Covid pandemic, the recycling project was not able to continue with its work in the schools. However, our local volunteer, Jesus Toc, decided to try to do some community outreach education in the marketplace. His goal is to try to limit the number of plastic bags and other plastic containers that are being used in the community and he set up informational banners and signs in the market. He also initiated a chicken raising project to help the poorest families in the village use local resources to develop nutritious food supplies. With the help of the agricultural instructor from the high school, community members built 20 chicken coops for the most vulnerable families and supplied each family with 6 chickens. The chicken manure will also help with composting their gardens. The eggs will provide protein. We are funding the instructor to continue with this project for 2021.