Nepal Kaski education update - July 2020

ICO has received the following update on two of our ICO sponsored students.

Kushal is studying for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and is in his 3 rd semester when COVID shutdown the country. He has unfortunately been unable to complete this year’s final exams as the country was under lockdown. With massive unemployment in Nepal, ICO was able to help with food for him and his family.

Kushum, who is studying to become a Medical Lab Assistant, like Kushal her classes were stopped  with the outbreak of COVID and final exams were not possible. ICO was also able to get food to help her and her family.

Although the country is now open, to try to assist the economy, despite COVID virus cases still on the rise at this point there is no timeline for when classes will start back up. Both Kushal and  Kushum want to thank their ICO donors for their generous gift of education as well as food to help them survive day to day, which without your help would never have been possible.