Help for Guatemalans during the Coronavirus crisis.
The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the poor all over the world by disrupting their very tenuous financial situation. Often roads and markets are closed, people are isolated in their houses not able to work. They have no savings or government aid so their health is suffering, not just from the virus itself, but also from the policies of their government.
In San Pedro la Laguna, our coordinator, Javier Navichoc, is distributing food to the families of the students we support. These families have been identified as among the most needy in the community and are now suffering from a food shortage. Government aid is distributed to families based on their electricity bills, but the poorest don’t have electricity, so they receive no government support at all.
In Chaquijya, our coordinator, Jesus Toc, is planning to work with the school program to provide chickens and build chicken coops for the most vulnerable families so that they have a sustainable supply of protein. 
Thank you to donors for helping out!