Kenya Kawangware School Sponsorship – May 2020

Thank you to those who have been helping us support the families residing in the slum of Kawangware. This temporary support is for COVID relief and only from donations specified to be used for COVID relief.  As with any crisis, those in extreme poverty are being hit incredibly hard at this time. In Kawangware landlords have started to remove roofs and doors from homes when tenants cannot meet rent. Since the majority of families living in Kawangware find work daily and have no savings for times of crisis there have been many individuals unable to make their rent.
Thanks to the generous donations we received we were able to prevent this from happening to two families who otherwise would have not had shelter from the elements, or safety at a time that it is desperately needed. We will be sharing the stories of these families so please stay posted for an update.  
We hope that you feel inspired to help another family, even a small donation can make an incredible difference in a families life. Approximately $8 will buy a large bottle of hand sanitizer for a family, $15 will provide a family with a food hamper, and $55 will pay rent for a month.