Kithoka Child Sponsorship Update – Oct 28, 2019

Hello friends,

The children we are sponsoring in Kenya are all doing great! 

Winfred has been progressing well at school. She is well-loved by all her teachers who we are in touch with regularly. She is off on a 2-month break and will be entering grade 11 in January. She has been taking some Permaculture courses and loves applying what she has learned in the farm where she is staying on her school break.

Little Blessy is also at a boarding school nearby her home where she is the delight of the home. She is in pre-school and will be entering Class 1 in January.Peninah is in a boarding school, and she will be entering grade 10 in January. She is staying at her adopted grandparents’ home on this two-month break. They love having her their as it makes them feel young again. (They are both retired teachers).

Caroline is in a day school and a loving, caring Auntie is looking after her when she is not at school.


Nahashon is now at the University of Embu where he studying to be a lawyer. When we asked him why he wants to be a lawyer, he said he wants to protect young girls and women from outdated customs like early marriage and FGM. Nahashon is from the Masai Tribe and knows too well the out-moded practices that harm young girls. We are very proud of him.

Little Avril when not at school is being cared for by her loving mother, Esther. 

Recently, we heard of 40 young girls who ran away during the “marriage and circumcision season”. They were all aged from 8-12 years old, and they DO NOT want to marry off to old men nor circumcised. 

The tribe they come from – the Pokot tribe, have some very beautiful customs, these are not beautiful. The challenge for us from the West is to always respect their good customs, encourage them to keep them, while letting go of ones that the girls themselves are running away from.