In the fall of 2018 we engaged with educators and NGO’s at Lake Atitlan to discuss programs related to dental health as it pertains to whole health. Most people the world over do not understand the impact teeth and related structures have on our well being. We talked about incorporating education in the schools and women’s groups. Nutrition is of course of deep concern in Guatemala, a country that is still near the top of the list re child malnutrition. Obesity and diabetes are rampant as well.

The heart of the technical delivery system is the “Transport 2” unit which was returned to the USA for a complete overhaul and operated this year without a glitch. We are now facing the challenge of replacing the lithium batteries for the hand held portable X-ray device (NOMAD).

In Feb-March-April of 2019 we returned to the Ixil region to provide clinical dentistry to 3 villages, Chel, Nebaj and Chajul. We were fortunate to have the assistance of Canadian hygienist Marilyn Weland for the clinics in Nebaj and Chajul and a surprise addition from a young inexperienced French woman who was “Wwoof’ing” at the host NGO, in Chel. She was truly inspired by the opportunity and experience. Both Nebaj and Chel saw us doing plenty of surgery, primarily on adults while in Chajul we worked with the adolescent youth where we continued our restorative (fillings) intervention. The host NGO there, was very supportive as usual and interested in establishing an educational program in the schools and families they support.

Education is the key for all change of course.

We are constantly on the look out for other dental professionals to participate and ultimately replace me so please pass along the invitation to dentists/dental teams to come for a life transforming experience of compassionate service.

Mil gracias,